Abnormal Mammograms

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If you’ve had an abnormal mammogram, you may feel anxious and overwhelmed. But the team at Georgia Breast Care in Woodstock, Georgia, is available to help. An abnormal mammogram just means you have some unusual tissue growth. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have cancer. If you had an abnormal mammogram or would like a second opinion, contact the expert practitioners for an evaluation. You can schedule your appointment through the website or you can call our location to schedule.

Abnormal Mammograms

What does an abnormal mammogram look like?

Your breasts are full of fat tissue, which shows up as dark and transparent on a mammogram. But abnormalities, including noncancerous and cancerous growths, show up in a contrasting white color. This helps your provider clearly see concerning masses. 

No two mammograms are alike though. The shades of black, gray, and white in your mammogram are carefully evaluated by a trained physician who knows how to spot concerning masses. 

What does an abnormal mammogram mean?

Finding out that your mammogram was abnormal can certainly be unnerving. But the dedicated team at Georgia Breast Care spends time conducting thorough follow-up care to get to the root of your condition. An abnormal mammogram could be a sign of:

  • Fibrocystic breast tissue (cysts)
  • Calcification deposits 
  • Benign tumors 

Mammograms are also one of the first screening tests used to diagnose cancer, but don’t panic if your mammogram is abnormal. The compassionate medical team at Georgia Breast Care cares for you throughout your diagnostic process and any necessary treatments. 

Do I need more testing after an abnormal mammogram?

Possibly. Mammograms can provide false-negative results, as well as false-positive results. This means that about 10-15% of the time, a mammogram may miss a cancerous mass or they may show something that isn’t concerning.

In either case, especially if you feel a lump in your breast, your provider at Georgia Breast Care is likely to order additional screenings. You might need:

  • An ultrasound
  • Another mammogram
  • A blood draw (lab testing)
  • An in-office minimally invasive breast biopsy

Most abnormal biopsy follow-up screenings reveal benign issues that are nothing to worry about. Usually, fewer than 2% of women who have an abnormal mammogram need to undergo a breast biopsy at Georgia Breast Care. 

If you do need a breast biopsy, 60-70% of the time, the results show no sign of cancer. But if cancer is present, the team at Georgia Breast Care counsel you about treatment options, which may include breast surgery.

If you’ve had an abnormal mammogram, the compassionate team at Georgia Breast Care can help. Book your evaluation online or call our office to speak with a team member.