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When you’re faced with a breast cancer diagnosis, Hidden Scar™ breast surgery may relieve some anxiety by hiding signs of your mastectomy or lumpectomy. The team at Georgia Breast Care, located in Woodstock, Georgia, offers this innovative approach to women who don’t want unsightly scars after breast cancer treatment. To see if Hidden Scar breast surgery is right for you, call or schedule an appointment online.


Hidden Scar Breast Surgery

What is Hidden Scar breast surgery?

Hidden Scar breast surgery is an innovative approach to breast cancer treatment that doesn’t leave a scar. For many women, having a scar after breast surgery could make their cancer journey even more difficult.

The Hidden Scar approach allows your certified breast surgeon to remove breast and cancer tissue through incisions that remain unseen after your breast has healed. Depending on the procedure and the size and shape of your breast, your scars remain hidden under the breast, around the nipple, or in the armpit.

Georgia Breast Care offers the Hidden Scar approach for nipple-sparing mastectomy and lumpectomy, two types of breast cancer surgeries.

What is Hidden Scar mastectomy surgery?

A mastectomy is a type of breast surgery where the surgeon removes all of the breast tissue. Your surgeon performs this procedure to remove cancerous breast tissue or to prevent breast cancer in someone who may be at significant risk due to family history.

There are three types of mastectomy: simple (total), skin-sparing, and nipple-sparing. The Hidden Scar approach offers women who need a nipple-sparing mastectomy an option for maintaining the appearance of her breast after breast-cancer treatment.

A nipple-sparing mastectomy removes breast tissue while protecting the shape and natural appearance of the nipple. This is an option for women whose cancer is noninvasive or has not affected the nipple. The Hidden Scar procedure uses an incision made in the natural fold under the breast.

What is a Hidden Scar lumpectomy?

A lumpectomy procedure is a type of breast surgery where your surgeon removes cancerous tissue, as well as a small portion of healthy tissue surrounding the cancer tissue. This procedure spares the nipple and most of the healthy tissue but could leave a deforming scar if a traditional method of surgery is used.

The Hidden Scar lumpectomy technique utilizes an incision made in one of three places:

  • Under the arm
  • Under the breast
  • Along the border of the nipple

The Hidden Scar lumpectomy may be an option for you if your tumor is confined to one area or is small enough relative to the overall size of your breast.

Should I have Hidden Scar breast surgery?

If your cancer treatment involves a nipple-sparing mastectomy or a lumpectomy, your provider works closely with you to determine if you are a good candidate.

The providers at Georgia Breast Care believe that it is essential to treat both the physical and emotional needs of their patients with breast cancer. Studies show that breast cancer surgery scars could harm their patient’s body image, self-confidence, and intimacy. The Hidden Scar surgical option can help improve a women’s wellness after surgery and throughout her breast cancer journey.

For a consultation about Hidden Scar breast surgery, call or schedule an appointment online with Georgia Breast Care today.

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