Breast Reduction Consultation

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If you’re thinking about breast reduction surgery, the team at Georgia Breast Care in Woodstock, Georgia, can help with expert breast reduction consultations. Make sure breast reduction surgery is right for you by arranging your consultation at Georgia Breast Care. Call today or book an appointment using the online tool.

Breast Reduction Consultation

What is a breast reduction consultation?

A breast reduction consultation is a meeting where you can discuss your desire to have your breast size reduced surgically.

While some women wish to increase their breast size through augmentation or change the shape of their breasts with uplift surgery, for many other women, the problem is breasts that are uncomfortably large.

It could be that weight loss would reduce the size of your breasts without you needing to undergo breast reduction surgery. Your provider at Georgia Breast Care can discuss any weight issues with you and how best to lose weight. 

If you choose to have a breast reduction operation, it’s vital to spend time discussing the reasons for your decision and how best to achieve greater comfort. This is what the breast reduction consultation is all about.

What happens at a breast reduction consultation?

Some aspects of your breast reduction consultation at Georgia Breast Care are much the same as any other consultation with your health care provider.

You discuss your medical history and any previous problems you’ve had, such as breast infections or breast lumps. It’s also important for your provider to have a clear picture of any relevant family history.

You should be open and honest about your reasons for wanting breast reduction surgery. Giving them as much info as possible will help them guide you on the best plan of action.

They also need to know about the way your breasts feel physically, and the problems you experience because of the size of your breasts. For instance, heavy breasts can cause problems like chronic back and neck pain and make it hard to exercise.

At Georgia Breast Care, PC we will evaluate, order any testing, and clear you for breast reduction surgery. We would then refer you to a specialist that performs these procedures.