Evaluation Of Outside Mammogram, Ultrasound, And MRI

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When you receive a diagnosis of breast cancer or another breast condition, a second opinion can set your mind at ease and give you confidence that you’re receiving the best care possible. The team of breast care specialists at Georgia Breast Care, with offices in Woodstock, Georgia, offers expert evaluation of any mammograms, ultrasounds, and MRIs that you may have had done elsewhere. Make sure that you have all the information you need to make the best healthcare decisions possible, and call or schedule an appointment online today.

Evaluation of Outside Mammogram, Ultrasound, and MRI

Why is it important to get a second opinion about my breast cancer diagnosis?

When you get a diagnosis of breast cancer, you likely feel overwhelmed and anxious to make the right treatment decisions. Having a second evaluation of your mammogram, ultrasound, or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), could give you more information and help empower you to make decisions that are right for you.

Even if you trust your healthcare provider completely, a second opinion can ensure you get the best care possible as you begin your breast cancer journey. Your provider may even suggest you get a second opinion, as there can be different interpretations of the same diagnostic studies.

Having a complete, accurate diagnosis of the type and degree of involvement of your breast cancer is essential for creating a treatment plan that fits your specific needs and gives you the best outcomes.

Should I get a second opinion about my breast cancer diagnosis?

You may choose to get a second opinion or second evaluation of your diagnostic studies, if:

  • Your physician is not a breast care specialist
  • You aren’t satisfied with your physician’s diagnosis
  • Your physician is not confident in their diagnosis
  • Your insurance company requires a second opinion
  • Your diagnostic reports are inconclusive or vague
  • Your physician gives you different treatment options
  • Your physician recommends a second opinion
  • You want as much information as possible before proceeding
  • You want to confirm you are free of cancer after treatment

A collaborative approach to treating breast cancer gives you the best chance at positive outcomes. At Georgia Breast Care, they work closely with your physician to ensure you have the most accurate diagnosis and best possible care.

When should I get a second opinion about my breast cancer diagnosis?

Many women with a new breast cancer diagnosis feel they need to start treatment immediately. In most cases, however, you have time to collect accurate information about your cancer before beginning treatment and don’t need to feel rushed to make a decision right away.

Even if you have already started treatment, it is not too late to get a second opinion. While each case is different, most have the option of getting a second opinion:

  • After diagnostic studies are complete
  • Before having surgery
  • After surgery, before other treatments begin
  • During treatment, if a current strategy isn’t effective

Even if you have completed a course of treatment, it is not too late to get a second opinion. The team at Georgia Breast Care strives to equip and empower all women and men to make informed decisions about their breast health.  

If you need an expert evaluation of your outside mammogram, ultrasound, or MRI, call or schedule an appointment with Georgia Breast Care today.