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You may feel like a mastectomy is inevitable after receiving a diagnosis of early-stage breast cancer. That doesn't have to be the case. The survival rates of patients who have a lumpectomy can be just as high as those who receive mastectomies. Frequently referred to as "breast preservation" surgery, a lumpectomy removes the tumor and surrounding tissue without losing the whole breast. The team at Georgia Breast Care in Woodstock, Georgia, works with you and your diagnosis to ensure you understand all of your options. To meet with a physician and discuss your treatment options, call or use the online booking tool to schedule your appointment today.


Why would I need a lumpectomy?

A lumpectomy is performed to remove cancer or abnormal tissue from the breasts. You may be a candidate for a lumpectomy if your breast biopsy has tested positive for cancer and it is small and in the early stages. Your physician determines the best treatment option for your particular diagnosis.

What can I expect from a lumpectomy?

A lumpectomy surgery typically takes between 15-45 minutes in total. While the procedure is short, you need to undergo routine surgery preparations, including ceasing some medication prior to surgery and not eating for 8-12 hours beforehand. 

If your tumor isn’t identifiable by touch, your physician will most likely perform a mammogram or ultrasound before surgery to determine its exact location. The incision location is marked on your skin. Next, you are given an IV for fluids and anesthesia. Lumpectomy patients may have either local or general anesthesia. 

The doctor follows the natural curve of your breast with the incision for a more comfortable recovery. The surgeon removes both the tumor and an area of healthy tissue surrounding it to ensure the removal of all cancer. Lumpectomy patients rarely need to stay overnight and can recover at home. 

What will my breast look like after a lumpectomy?

While lumpectomies are an effective breast cancer treatment, the aesthetic results are sometimes unpredictable. Georgia Breast Care changes that equation by offering oncoplastic surgery at the same time as your lumpectomy. Oncoplastic surgery is a combination of the latest advances in plastic surgery with oncology. If your lumpectomy requires the removal of a substantial portion of your breast, your surgeon will sculpt the remaining tissue to create a natural shape and realign the nipple and areola. Your surgeon will also reshape the other breast for symmetry.

Why would I have oncoplastic surgery during my lumpectomy?

Reshaping the breasts during your lumpectomy has several advantages. It can allow your surgeon to remove more tissue, which may be beneficial for larger tumors or negative margins. It involves only one surgery, cutting down on recovery time. 

Additionally, reshaping the breast before radiation therapy avoids the risk of healing issues that are more common post-radiation. These surgeries rarely involve drains and may not even require an overnight stay. Most patients can return to work in three to four weeks. 

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