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Women whose surgeons used the MarginProbe®️ system during their lumpectomy were 56% less likely to need additional surgery than patients whose surgeons did not use MarginProbe. Georgia Breast Care in Woodstock, Georgia, gives you every advantage in your fight against cancer. To meet with a physician who will employ all of the latest technology in your treatment, call the office or use the online booking tool to schedule your appointment today.


What is MarginProbe?

The MarginProbe system identifies potentially cancerous tissue using electromagnetic waves. Surgeons using the MarginProbe system receive almost instant tissue analysis to determine if the area surrounding the tumor contains cancerous cells. Once the MarginProbe identifies cancer cells, your surgeon can remove them during your first operation, negating the need for a second operation. The FDA-approved MarginProbe system is one of the newest technologies in the fight against breast cancer. 

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What is a negative margin?

The margin is the tissue that encompasses the area around the tumor. Traditionally, your surgeon removes both the tumor and the margins during a lumpectomy, and pathology determines them to be 'clean' or 'negative,' meaning free from cancer, or 'positive' meaning containing cancer cells. This test typically takes a week to analyze. Patients with a positive margin then require a second lumpectomy to remove more tissue. A successful lumpectomy requires clean margins, ensuring the removal of all cancerous cells. 

The MarginProbe system can identify cancer cells during your surgery, in about three to five minutes. Identifying positive or negative margins during surgery significantly reduces the need for patients to undergo a second lumpectomy. In the past, 20-30% of lumpectomy patients required a second lumpectomy due to positive margins. The use of MarginProbe reduces that need by more than half.

How does MarginProbe work?

The MarginProbe is a surgical tool used in conjunction with imaging and palpation of the tumor. The MarginProbe System uses both a console and a probe. The probe transmits a radiofrequency that identifies cancerous cells, which are difficult to distinguish from healthy cells by sight alone. 

The console performs a real-time analysis of the probe's measurements. The results are displayed on a screen for your surgeon to see during surgery, and your surgeon uses the tissue analysis to remove all malignant tissue. A margin of at least 2 millimeters of clean tissue surrounding the tumor protects against the recurrence of cancer. 

All patients receiving a lumpectomy can benefit from using the MarginProbe system. At Georgia Breast Care, MarginProbe elevates the standard of care, confirming thorough cancer removal the first time. 

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