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Patients diagnosed with breast cancer, or who have a very high risk of developing breast cancer, face the difficult decision of whether or not a mastectomy is right for them. The team at Georgia Breast Care in Woodstock, Georgia, has devoted their careers to patients with these diagnoses. The support and guidance offered at Georgia Breast Care helps you make the best decision for your situation. Call or use the online booking tool to schedule a time to discuss your options today.


Why would I need a mastectomy instead of a lumpectomy? 

For breast cancer patients, choosing a mastectomy versus a lumpectomy can be a very personal decision. A mastectomy removes all of the breast tissue from one or both breasts, while a lumpectomy removes only the tumor and surrounding tissue. Some factors make a mastectomy a stronger treatment option for patients, including:

Tumor size

Tumors five centimeters or larger usually require a mastectomy, whereas smaller tumors can be managed with a lumpectomy.

Breast size

If you have smaller breasts, you may choose a mastectomy, as the procedure leaves very little tissue behind after a lumpectomy.

Previous lumpectomy

If your surgeon has already tried to remove cancerous tissue unsuccessfully, you may require a mastectomy.


Patients who cannot undergo radiation treatment may need a mastectomy.

Peace of mind

Some patients prefer to remove all breast tissue for reassurance.

Should I consider a preventive mastectomy if I’m at risk for breast cancer? 

While everyone has some risk for breast cancer, some factors increase the risk significantly. For patients with high-risk factors, preventive or prophylactic mastectomy may be an option if you:

  • Test positive for the gene mutations BRCA1 and BRCA2 
  • Have a family history of breast cancer, notably including a diagnosis before the age of 50 from a mother, sister, or daughter
  • Already have breast cancer in one breast
  • Received previous radiation therapy in your chest between the ages of 10 and 30 

Identifying as high risk for breast cancer does not mean a mastectomy is inevitable. A discussion with your trusted physician at Georgia Breast Care can ensure the best course of action based on your risk factors. 

Is a nipple-sparing mastectomy an option for me?

If your surgeon believes they can preserve the nipple and areola, as well as the breast skin, you may be a candidate for a nipple-sparing mastectomy. This surgery removes all of the breast tissue while keeping the skin intact. Cosmetically, a nipple-sparing mastectomy results in a virtually unchanged breast, with only a small scar either in the crease of the breast or near the arm. Women with smaller, less aggressive tumors are generally good candidates for a nipple-sparing mastectomy.

To find out about your mastectomy treatment options, call Georgia Breast Care or schedule an appointment online today.